Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saving Money with GoogleApps

Thanks to Dr. Z for highlighting this GoogleApps for Education video, which brings forward how a wide variety of technologies can fit into GoogleApps. What was most engaging for me is the idea of single-sign-on (SSO), which wasn't even mentioned in the video but runs throughout. You can find this referenced in TCEA 2011's GoogleAcademy presentations, too:
With the recent launch of the education category of the Google Apps Marketplace, schools can discover, purchase, and deploy integrated web-based applications that extend Google Apps. The growing set of innovative apps include learning management systems (LMS) like Haiku, learning platforms like DreamBox and BrainPop, and student tools like Digication. Learn more about how the Google Apps Marketplace can improve your classrooms. 
For many superintendents, single sign-on is the holy grail for simplifying technology for teachers, students and parents. With GoogleApps for Education, as illustrated in the video above, it's clear that SSO is quickly becoming a reality. Of course, you have to put your trust in "the cloud," relinquish control, stop worrying about spending a sizeable chunk of precious funding on proprietary solutions (e.g. Microsoft Exchange).

Some of the neat apps available--in addition to email, calendar services, GoogleDocs wordprocessing, spreadsheet, drawing, presentations for all staff and students--include the Aviary suite of products, which are incredible to use for a variety of uses--such as podcasting--Brainpop, and others. The solution isn't perfect, though. But in truth, there's more good stuff under the GoogleApps umbrella than whatever many districts have chosen to embrace now...for a far lower price.

The question anymore isn't whether you should do it, but why haven't you made the switch yet?

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