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Note: In Episode 1: Introduction to Kaplan, 17 year old Aida shared her perspective on a rigorous online course she's taking to prepare her for the SAT she is to take in March. In this episode (#2), she shares her perceptions of the Diagnostic Tests, her results, and the value of online course feedback about those results. Find out more about Kaplan via Twitter at @kaptestnews

I had a bit of trouble getting enthused about Diagnostic Tests, until I saw the valuable information that resulted from the 3 hour and 45 minute SAT pre-assessment Aida completed. As you can see below, the information offers online students like Aida insights, and critical feedback she needs to improve:

Above, you can see the graphs reflecting Aida's initial progress on the assessment. Online students are actually able to drill down and see more about their performance in a particular subject, then explore even further....

By clicking on Section Details, students actually see the correct answers:

What's really powerful about Aida's experience, though, is how the online course nurtures her learning in a friendly, safe, quasi-competitive environment. As I listened to Aida, I could tell she'd establish ties with other students in the online course...and as she points out those students could be anywhere around the world!!

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