MyNotes - Layoffs begin at Texas Education Agency

Although I've written about the Texas Education Agency many a time, I am shocked at the job losses they are suffering. The majority of TEA staffers I've worked with have ALWAYS been underpaid, highly committed to doing an  excellent job of providing service to school districts and the kids served. 
I mourn the loss of jobs, livelihood, and suffer with you as you lose what you have because politicians failed to plan ahead. On a positive, you no longer need suffer in enforced silence. I hope you vote and send a strong message back to state legislators.

Layoffs begin at Texas Education Agency | Postcards
    • Layoffs begin at Texas Education Agency
      • By Andrew Kaspar | Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 01:33 PM
        • mood as "very somber"
          • Texas Education Agency
            • where the bulk of 1,054 TEA employees work.
              • By Wednesday, that number will be fewer as the first agency layoffs were issued today.
                • Debbie Ratcliffe, the agency's spokeswoman, declined to give specifics on the number of state employees or positions that were eliminated, saying the agency was informing employees individually and preferred that they not find out from the media
                  • Education Commissioner Robert Scott released a brief statement acknowledging the beginning of a process that could reduce the agency's staff by hundreds.
                    • TEA has cut about $153 million from its budget since the reduction orders were issued, Ratcliffe said, but today's layoffs were the first significant hit for agency personnel since a difficult budget cycle in 2003, when TEA eliminated 200 positions. She said the personnel reductions were not so much part of Perry's belt-tightening request for the fiscal year ending Sept. 1, but rather were "more in anticipation of what's to come."

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