Monday, February 7, 2011

MyNotes - eLearning Trends 2011

The following are the top 5 eLearning Trends by percentage among companies according to Learning Circuits as reported by ASTD:
  1. 39.2%
    • IT (end user/desktop applications) 39.2%
  2. 35.4%
    • Regulatory/compliance issue
    • Task-specific skills
  3. 30.4% 
    • General business skills (leadership, sexual harassment, etc.)
  4. 34.2%
    • Customer service training 34.2%
  5. 20.3%
    1. External customers/clients
    2. Product updates and rollouts
    3. Salesforce training
    How does that compare to education and the use of online learning there? Kinda neat to see that K-12 education was represented in the study at 3.1% of respondents, compared to 13.8% Higher Education followed by Insurance (9.2%), Finance/Investment (9.2%), then State/local government (6.2%). Imagine that. Who knew? If K-16 is taking a budget hit, maybe all online learning facilitators--and especially program managers--need to look for jobs in Insurance and/or Finance to take advantage of their skills.

    Some nifty graphs they shared:

    Please describe the types of learners using e-learning applications.

    In-House vs Outsourced Jobs: I found this information fascinating, especially in light of Texas education budget cuts and what that means to destroying in-house talent, the need to "outsource" some of this work to increase efficiencies within the organization....

    Concerns about eLearning:

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