Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making Bricks Out of #Android Devices @rmeyners @mr_rcollins @brianjohnweaver

What My Archos 7 Home Tablet looks like before adding after "rooting" and adding any apps

Earlier this week, a colleague was kind enough to gift me with a brand new Archos 7 Home Tablet. At first, I was thrilled at the opportunity to work on an Android tablet. Unfortunately, my first experience wasn't positive. The Archos 7 Home Tablet is a bit of a clunky monster, which would be acceptable if it you could easily access the Android Market...but no luck there.

I immediately tweeted for help and several folks responded with the possibility of "rooting" the device, making it much more productive. Yesterday evening, I rooted it and turned the Archos 7 into a "brick." For those unfamiliar with the term, it means a useless device which could be used as a brick.

Fortunately, my hand was stayed by the simple thought that, not only was this a gift, but that the other person was counting on me to figure out how to make this device more productive. To that end, I've compiled a few links and can share that I have successfully changed my Archos 7 Home Tablet into something a bit more useful. While it may not compare to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which Brian John Weaver shared with me today at TCEA in between sessions dazzling in its speed and beauty, my primary goal in obtaining a tablet like this was to have it work as an ebook reader with a little extra "umph."

Although I read many different solutions, here's basically the steps I took:
  1. Followed the instructions outlined in this forum. I used this download link.
  2. After successfully getting the new update.img loaded on the Archos, I noticed that the ubiquitous Android Market was still missing. However, someone pointed out you could load Android APK--I suppose, the installation file for an app--and put it on. Here are some places--thanks to googling and via Mascobz--you can find Android APKs you can download and then place in the DATA folder of your Archos 7 when you connect it via USB to your computer:
On the off-chance that you SHOULD "brick" your Android 7 Home Tablet, be aware that these instructions actually worked for me! One point that is a reality today is that you're never alone if you have access to the Web...I never could have figured out this path without Google and the work of the Community out there sharing what they've learned. Thanks!!

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