Looking for Jobs in All the Wrong Places

Source: An Arab and His Horse - http://www.oceansbridge.com/paintings/artists/recently-added/jean-leon-gerome/big/Jean-Leon_Gerome_XX__An_Arab_and_His_Horse_in_the_Desert_1872.jpg

Earlier this month, or maybe it was the tail end of last month, I found myself humming the Country-n-Western song, "Looking for love in all the wrong places" by Johnny Lee. Regrettably, the words came out, "Looking for JOBS in all the wrong places!!!" 

Although I immediately stopped, I couldn't help but notice my bias against web sites that purport to help you find jobs but then want you to pay for the service. A part of me wanted to argue, "Yeah, you get what you pay for," and that just didn't seem accurate...why should a job seeker have to pay for job opportunities? It's like kicking a horse when it's gasping on the ground after getting you across the desert.
In this blog entry, the writer describes his experiences with TheLadders.com conference...
But let me make one thing perfectly clear – these are not nefarious people bathing in greenbacks trying to figure out how to overtly screw the unsuspecting jobseeker...hey are clearly passionate about what they’re doing and have a staff of over 400 cranking away on a daily basis. So what’s the big deal?
The answer, of course, is quite simple. They charge jobseekers where others do not. Fellow Summit attendee Jessica Lee recently asked her readers whether jobseekers should ever have to pay. It’s a good question and I tend to say no. Where I could possibly be persuaded to think otherwise is if candidates were securing jobs at a significantly higher rate over unpaid services. That’s the one key metric that counts – if I come and pay, will you give me a competitive advantage that helps me find a job faster – period. Thus, the onus is on providers like TheLadders to provide metrics that shut people like me up once and for all.
As you look at 11 ways to find jobs in a Texas tough economy, ask yourself, "Wouldn't it be neat to pay for a service that guaranteed to find you a job you were qualified for?"

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daphne said…
well I can relate tho this post. I've been a job seeker too for almost 2 months and it's really hard that's why I consulted some agencies that can provide me a great opportunity abroad. I think this post is an eye opener. It helps me think of something:(

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