Sunday, February 13, 2011

Graphic Organizer with a TouchScreen #atcm90z #m90z @lenovo

This tweet from Mitch Weisburgh (weisburgm)--whom I met at TCEA 2011 State Conference--about graphic organizers got me thinking about how neat it would be to use one on the m90z touch-screen!

There are tons of graphic organizer programs out there, not to mention my favorite "web 2.0" ones like How would these fare on an m90z touch-screen?
Using graphic organizers with the Big6 process can help students build their own knowledge and reflect on how new information links to their mental framework, or schema, of the world. This is important because, according to Buzan (1996), the human brain works primarily with key concepts in an interlinked and integrated manner. For each step in the Big6, there is at least one graphic organizer that helps students integrate new information with information that they already know...
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To get the job done, I first compiled a list of graphic organizers (not hard these days to find one already made), and then encouraged an 11-year old sixth grader to "play:"
  2. Webspiration
  3. CMAP Tools
Video 1 (YouTube)
Video 2

Another idea that occurred to me was, "How would this work with a visual-touch graphing tool?"

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