Google To the Rescue - Importing Delicious Bookmarks

Although no service is great, you have to appreciate Google's efforts to make rescue of your precious bookmarks--and the tags that define them! After all, although you could just install Scuttle (as I did here, creating my own domain, it's great to know that one's Delicious bookmarks are available and protected by "Do No Evil" Google.

The process is pretty straightforward, as shown in the screen shots below:

2) After entering your username and password for Delicious (of course, you have to be logged into Google gmail or something first), click the EXPORT TO GOOGLE BOOKMARKS button.

3) And, finally, click the import button one more time....

4) When you're done with this very quick process--much faster than other sites--you'll see your bookmarks appear in GoogleBookmarks.

Now, is this a perfect solution? Yes. Thank you, Google.

In the meantime, how do I reconcile with GoogleBookmarks? Hmm...

Ah well....

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