Free #Moodle Books Available from #HowToMoodle

Thanks to @kristy_vincent and Rusty Meyners for sharing this piece of news about free Moodle books you can download in PDF...which is nice since you can drop them into your favorite eReader!

There is a free code that appears on the site that you can use to download the books. The books are both authored by Ray Lawrence:

The books should serve as a nice intro to course design (270+ pages) and administration (70+ pages). They are a bit more bare bones than some other books I've read, but well worth the time.

Kristy Vincent, who brought it to the attention of quite a few folks today, shares the following:

I've had a little bit of time today to go through the two of them. The Admin Reference Manual is just that.... for reference. It does a pretty decent job of showing the front end admin. This is not a reference for PHP manipulation or understanding. It also does not jump into the FTP for your Moodle. Overall, a pretty good reference. It will save you the time of clicking on all the different options of admin settings to figure out what they do. Page 57 for uploading users will most likely prove very useful for new Moodle Admins. Please note: **** It is for version 1.8***** 

The other book, for Course Creators, has a good bit more content (266 pages versus 71). This is NOT for teachers; the gradebook as a whole is pretty much lacking. This is for a course designer or creator. It focuses on the actual look and feel of the course.... not so much the content. It does a pretty good job of breaking down the various resources and activities. Page 252 starts a great explanation and hopefully understanding of Groups. Just keep in mind, it is not for the teacher. This one is created with 1.9. 

And if you haven't downloaded the zip or PDF of you really should. I casually refer to it as my Moodle Bible. It is more geared towards the teacher. Between the three of them, you should have a decent arsenal of information.

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Ray Lawrence said…

Thanks for your comments, I think you've summed them up pretty well. We originally produced these to be manuals to act as a reference resource for consulting and training clients.

I'm starting on Moodle 2.0 versions soon and they'll be more complete (I just ran out of time with these :)).



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