Educational Uses of Collage It! GiveAway

Source: Winner Carol Van Hook's Creation ( Link).
Although it feels like an eternity--hanging out in a hospital will do that to you--the reality is that just last week, folks had the opportunity to pick up a free copy of Pearl Mountain Software's GiveAway of CollageIt! for Windows, a program that makes it very easy to create photo/image collages.

At the time, I received a few grateful emails back from the winners, but didn't have a chance to acknowledge them and then, of course, a few hundred emails came in, and wham, I lost track of them. Fortunately, folks like Helen Teague (4OOPS Tech Tricks Blog) DID follow up and wrote about their experiences:
Digital collages are a fun way to integrate art into a lesson plan. They can be an authentic assessment option since many students think visually. Before CollageIt, the tools to create digital collages were cumbersome and/or blocked by school filter.
CollageIt by Pearl Mountain Software is an easy download with no Active-X or other bothersome add-ins to combat. In three easy steps, a digital collage can be created. Aesthetic touches include multiple layout and rotation options.
I received CollageIt as a prize in Miguel Guhlin’s Around the Corner-MGuhlin.orgblog contest. My previous attempts at online collaging involved sites with only four picture uploads for the free version and/or rendering and then retrieval of a link with huge pressure to purchase the finished project. Both options provided little in the way of classroom activity ease and integration.
Helen did a GREAT job of discussing how to use photo collages within a classroom, including assessment options. Be sure to read her complete blog entry on the subject.

A few other winners also promised to write blog entries....
Thanks for the good news :-)
I'll toy around with the software and write a little review on my blog - you'll be the first one to know!
And, Carol, whose effort is featured at the top of this blog entry, shares:
Just downloaded Collage It Pro! What a fun program. It brings energy and viewing power to a set of pictures! Sometimes, it is fun to see a whole group of pictures on one screen.
I recommend that you give this program a try. Thanks, Miguel Guhlin for introducing this software to me!
Interested in Collage It for Windows? Well, two licenses remain! First two folks to comment on this blog entry and leave their name and email win!

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Kim Caise said…
Miguel, I appreciate all the work that you do to research and share with your followers about unique web tools or trends/issues in education. Thanks for all that you do to benefit the edublogosphere community! I would love to have 'Collage It' to make photo collages of shows guests, topics, blog posts and a variety of things to promote my blog and website as well as both for Classroom 2.0 LIVE!. Thanks again Miguel!
Helen said…
Thanks, Miguel for the kind review of my review! Sorry to hear of any lingering at the hospital. Heard you received some snow too! Best to you and stay warm!

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