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Last week, as the tough budget news was settling in among my colleagues, one of them asked me, "Miguel, what wiki solution could we use that would allow us to keep control over our content?" Without hesitation, I suggested "Hands-down," I told her, "not only do you get a $50 value at no-cost, ad-free, it's the easiest, and you'll be up and running in no time. They've given away over 980,000 wikis to educators already!"
If you’re using your wiki exclusively for K-12 education, find out how to upgrade your wiki and get lots of other great information at
If you’re using your wiki exclusively for Higher Education, find out how to upgrade your wiki and get lots of other great information at

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of wiki solutions, from hosted ones to standalones. I still remember my shock when Adam Frey picked up a Skype call and shared with me all he was doing on behalf of educators. One of the easiest, most accessible wiki solutions friendly to educators is Those folks have done quite a bit to introduce no-advertising wikis to educators than any other provider.

Unlike some "education" friendly Web 2.0 services, the folks have stayed true to their advertising on their sites for educators. How do I know that? I've been a Wikispaces user for years and maintain quite a library of items online there (

Earlier today, I received an announcement emphasizing these points about
- Our wikis for education are completely private, have no advertising on them, are fully featured, and never expire. And teachers are welcome to sign up for as many of them as they like.
- The features included in our education wikis usually cost $50 per year -- but are completely free when used for K-12 or higher education.
- We have given away over 980,000 free wikis for education so far, and are committed to giving away at least 2,000,000 in total.
The attached announcement will be posted next week on our blog ( I've included it as a PDF so you can get a sneak peak.
That's not to say other wiki solutions aren't awesome, but you have to pay for those. In tough times like now, Adam's gift to teachers re-affirms the belief that teachers are still well-respected in the hearts of some special folks.

Thank you, Wikispaces!

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