Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Videos, Screenshots, Dropbox, Oh My!

While free hosting of videos and images isn't hard to find these days, you do have to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What happens to my content once it's hosted?
  2. How do I get my content out of the host when it's time to leave (and you will someday want to leave!)?
  3. Is there a solution that lets me keep a better handle (control might be too strong a word) on my content?
Today, not even looking, I was fortunate enough to see two tweets that help you decide where you can easily host your video and images/screenshots--Dropbox.com. Yes, yes, I know Dropbox seems like the savior, just like Delicious, Flickr, Drop.io, and many other Web 2.0 solutions that have found their way into our lives and out again. But Dropbox.com makes it easy to get your content out of its system...in fact, it makes it easy to save content on multiple computers so that you're not "stuck" with your data in just one place...not to mention your content is stored on their web site so it's accessible anywhere, anytime.

Two tools were shared:
  1. For videos, you can use Jing Project to easily save your video (and screenshots, BTW) to a Dropbox folder. Watch this video for the details. via @techsmith
  2. For image captures--which is great because as nice as Skitch is, we're getting close to that time when it may be time to find something else--use Grabbox (for Mac only). via @sammorra

Of course, you could always save your videos/images/audio to Dropbox directly. But if you're really into Dropbox, this may be something worth investigating!

And, since Dropbox just announced Selective Sync, you don't have to worry about having to download or save all these files on your computer:
Selective sync allows you to choose the folders you want synced to your computer. It gives you the ability to have more control over what is synced to your devices. It is particularly useful for users with limited hard drive space on one of the computers or netbooks synced to their Dropbox account.
Wow, I wish they didn't cost so much. Sigh. That said, I'm grateful for the free space.

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