TxBudgetNews - RoundRock ISD Warn of Deeper Cuts

If you doubted things are serious--and surprisingly, some do--then this letter to employees of RoundRock ISD must definitely capture your attention. Read the whole of it, but I've highlighted those points below that I think every school district should practice doing.

For example, notifying staff early. There are going to be thousands of educators on the hunt for new jobs. My advice is START LOOKING NOW for that new job and do whatever it takes to get a job that will carry you through the next biennium, at least. RoundRock ISD gets points for self-imposing an April, 2011 notification date...but what about other school districts still waiting to see what will happen?

It's tough to imagine that some educators won't find out until the State legislature is done meeting in May, 2011--if then--that they are out of a job for the 2011-2012 school year.  


Round Rock superintendent warns employees of deeper cuts | Homeroom

  • Round Rock superintendent warns employees of deeper cuts By Laura Heinauer | Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 01:04 PM
  • based on the new deficit, Round Rock has received estimates that it will lose between $47 million to $73 million in state funding and that he will prepare a budget that considers at least a $60 million reduction.
  • Dear Round Rock ISD Employee,
  • Based on the new deficit, Round Rock ISD has received estimates that it will lose between $47 million to $73 million in state funding.
  • As a Round Rock ISD employee, you deserve to know the challenges the district is truly facing. Originally we believed a 5 percent reduction to our budget would be challenging but not unbearable. With our new knowledge, it is only prudent that we prepare a budget that considers at least a $60 million reduction.
  • District leaders had hoped to address staff reductions through attrition and reassignment; however, this alone will not be possible. We will need to consider eliminating and/or significantly scaling back programs and departments. I know now that we will not be able to employ all our current employees. It is our goal to inform employees by the end of April of their employment status. At this time, I would like to encourage all employees who are considering not returning next year to please notify their supervisor as soon as possible.
  • reducing our budget by $60 million is not possible if those we serve are not impacted by the reductions.
  • Please continue to visit the district's Budget Reduction Web page, go to www.roundrockisd.org and click on the Budget Reduction link under Tools & Resources. You will be able to ask questions and send us your comments. All questions will be answered; however, please be patient with us. District leaders from Finance, Instruction, Human Resources and Community Relations are working together to process the hundreds of questions received to date, while maintaining their essential department responsibilities.
  • I can't express enough how important it is for you to contact your state legislator and impress upon them the importance of making education a priority and the need for them to use all available resources to balance the budget while protecting education.
  • Jesús H. Chávez, Ph.D. Round Rock ISD Superintendent


This letter to Round Rock ISD was definitely an eye opener for me! It is scary how much state funding is going to be cut back. Even if the teachers know their status by April, that is still not very much time to find a job before the start of the school year. This should definitely encourage the start of looking for a new job as soon as possible! Round Rock is doing the absolute right thing in this letter by giving all of the employees a heads up of what is to come and by being completely honest with them. The earlier notification date of April will be very helpful to those educators that will have to find jobs elsewhere. This gives them a little extra time to get back on their feet.


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