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The drawing for Picture Collage Maker Pro winners continues! This is Round 4, final round of announcements of drawing winners.

Earlier this week, Pearl Mountain Software asked, "Would you be willing to facilitate a giveaway of our Picture Collage Maker Pro software?" I first reviewed the software (read the review here) and then announced the drawing for the 20 license codes.

Thanks to all who chose to participate! I'm going to highlight 5 winners drawn at random below. Emails will be sent later today (1/1/11) with the license code. Other rounds of winners will be announced in later blog entries.

Round 4 Winners:
  1. Number Drawn #32 - Damaris Velasquez
  2. Number Drawn #38 - Beth Ritter Guth (
  3. Number Drawn #30 - Dianne Aldridge (
  4. Number Drawn #36 - Betsy Ruffin (
  5. Number Drawn #40 - Alan Hodson (

Congratulations to the final Round of winners of the Pearl Mountain Software's Picture Collage Maker Pro, $39.90 value for Windows computers!! Look for that email later today!

This concludes the Give-Away of the Picture Collage Maker Pro! Thanks for participating!


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