Saturday, January 1, 2011

Software #GiveAway Round 2 - #PictureCollageMakerPro @carolynjeanl @nsharoff

Happy New Year! It is now New Year's Day and as such, the drawing for Picture Collage Maker Pro winners begins! This is Round 2 of the winners!

Earlier this week, Pearl Mountain Software asked, "Would you be willing to facilitate a giveaway of our Picture Collage Maker Pro software?" I first reviewed the software (read the review here) and then announced the drawing for the 20 license codes.

Thanks to all who chose to participate! I'm going to highlight 5 winners drawn at random below. Emails will be sent later today (1/1/11) with the license code. 

Round 2 Winners:
  1. Number Drawn #17 - Carolyn Lowery (
  2. Number Drawn #28 - Sue Ann Miller
    "home and work."
  3. Number Drawn #5 - Wendy Keeton
    "at school."
  4. Number Drawn #9 - Kathy Sales (
    "Home. I work with family pictures quite often."
  5. Number Drawn #4 - Nancy Sharoff (
    Read her blog, Just In Time Tech
    "Are you kidding?  I have a classroom FULL of 2nd graders!  They have so much fun taking pictures, this would be a great way to get them to organize some of them.  My mind is already reeling from the possibilities.  Try this one on for size: "Guess My __" Students upload images to the collage, their classmates need to guess what the topic is.  How about putting in images from our Geometry Scavenger Hunt through the school?  A collage each for the basic shapes.  OH!  And they could create collages to then send to the 4th grade students who are part of the 'News Crew' & publish our monthly newspaper."

Congratulations to Round 2 of winners of the Pearl Mountain Software's Picture Collage Maker Pro, $39.90 value for Windows computers!! Look for that email.

Rounds 3 and 4 will be announced later today!


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