Saturday, January 1, 2011

Software #GiveAway Round 1 - #PictureCollageMakerPro @thegilch @congerjan @glacierguymt @onemouse

Happy New Year! It is now New Year's Day and as such, the drawing for Picture Collage Maker Pro winners begins! This is Round 1 of 4 announcing the winners!

Earlier this week, Pearl Mountain Software asked, "Would you be willing to facilitate a giveaway of our Picture Collage Maker Pro software?" I first reviewed the software (read the review here) and then announced the drawing for the 20 license codes.

Thanks to all who chose to participate! I'm going to highlight the first 5 winners drawn at random below. Emails will be sent later today (1/1/11) with the license code. Other rounds of winners will be announced in later emails.

Round 1 Winners:
  1. Number Drawn #13 - Carey Gilcher -
    Read her blog, The Platypus Diaries
  2. Number Drawn #25 - Janice Conger -
    Read her blog, Power Librarian
  3. Number Drawn #8 - Everett Holm - and via Plurk
  4. Number Drawn #10 - Nancy Moerbe
  5. Number Drawn #23 - Chris Dillon -

Congratulations to Round 1 of winners of the Pearl Mountain Software's Picture Collage Maker Pro, $39.90 value for Windows computers!! Look for that email.

Round 2 will be announced later this morning!

Update 1/1/11: Thanks to Kate ter Harr, one of the participants in the drawing, for catching the fact that I'd ascribed her comment to Carey Gilcher above. That was the only error in copying-n-pasting that I could see on my part (lots of it going on in the wee hours of the morning), and I have emailed her my apology for the confusion. I am grateful for the correction.

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