Plurking from Your Android Phone

After some disappointment with the various Plurking tools on my Android phone--PlurQ,Pluroid--I decided to just be a plurker from the Opera browser on my Android phone. Today, for fun, I decided to see if there was anything new to facilitate plurking from my phone...and, of course, there was--PlurkA.

PlurkA works exceedingly well, allowing a full range of Plurk actions--such as the ones shown in the screenshot below, including photo sharing--and other options that make it a powerful alternative.

It is excellently designed (IMHO) with buttons across the top of the app...

And if you press the down-delta (down-arrow) shown above, you get additional options like the ones shown below:

I really feel that PlurkA is the best out there...and this new tool has already changed how I interact on Plurk.

If you're a plurker, give it a shot!

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