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Just the highlights:

* An Education in Open Source

* By Bridget McCrea01/13/11

* Chelsea School of Silver Spring, MD, is a good example of how open source software can serve as a great enabler for educators. Working primarily with students who have language-based learning differences, a handful of teachers at the school rely heavily on technology to accommodate 86 students, for many of whom syntax, reading comprehension, organization, and writing fluency are severely impacted.

* open source software augments the time-consuming "read aloud to the students" approach that he had found a useful tool.

* Empowered by a free, open source audio file manager/Web-based media server called Ampache, Goldman spends a few minutes a day reading the text into a recorder, storing it in a folder, and directing students to a URL where the files are based. "Students access the Web site, search for new recordings, and add them to their own playlists," explained Goldman. "From there, they can listen and take notes on their own, without my [intervention]." Ultimately, students will be able to access the Ampache server from their homes and use auditory material to guide their independent practice.

* provides word prediction, one of the features provided by the proprietary alternative, WordQ.

* Chelsea School, which also uses the open source course management program Moodle, gives back to the open source content community. Doing so allows Goldman to take his advanced technology students to interesting new levels. "These students make contributions on a seemingly weekly basis," said Goldman. (Their work, which recently received a bronze award in TurnKey Linux's international development contest, is archived at


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