Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MyNotes - Brand Symbiosis

Is this a lesson school districts and education organizations intent on blocking employees from accessing Facebook, Twitter, social media can learn? Chances are, they will learn it one way or another...better to be proactive about doing so.

What does your school district brand look like?

Brand Symbiosis: Balancing Personal and Professional Online | Brass Tack Thinking
    • Brand Symbiosis. It's the principle that being a professional representative of a company online and off can and should balance with your personal presence, and that all of them can live in harmony.
      • So much in life and business comes down to this. I have to want to do a good job for my company and keep their best interests in mind. They have to want to support my long term success as an individual and a professional. If we have that understanding up front, we learn to trust that the decisions and guidance that we give to one another is rooted in those two things
        • the value of having people that can strongly represent a brand is in their ability to contribute a personality and unique individual aspect that can't be replicated with a corporate message, so there needs to be some depth there.
          • openness to communicate those things clearly and in an approachable, accessible way
            • communication is the one thing that's going to help us continually make sense of our surroundings.

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