MyNotes - Blended Learning on the Rise

Blended learning in schools is critical to put into place, not only for our children but also our teachers. Both have to develop the capacity to do this.

Source: Blended Learning is On the Rise

Take aways:

  1. “In a traditional setting, students are at the mercy of the teacher, who decides how fast they’re learning [and] how much time they have to spend on the subject,” Rogers said. “We give those who ‘get it’ faster the ability to move on.”
  2. Many students who struggle in a traditional learning environment now have the opportunity to attend a “virtual” school, where they can learn at their own pace: Advanced students are not held back by the slower pace of their peers, while students with disabilities have more time to understand the material before moving on.
  3. With a hybrid model, we can tailor their learning, using technology and face-to-face learning, in a way that we might not be able to in a pure traditional model.”
  4. students who have dropped out of school have the chance to resume their education, finish high school, and get a diploma via distance learning. 
  5. Multimedia options give online learning an edge often not found in traditional learning environments.

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