MoodleTip - #Moodle Automatic Login for Guest

Every time I click on a course link in Moodle that's supposed to be public to everyone, people get prompted to login. This is a pain for them since then the user has to click on "LOGIN AS GUEST" button which can be confusing. Is there any way around that?

How can I avoid the following screen from appearing?

This solution came to me by way of Diana Benner, and I finally had a chance to try it out. Even though I've adjusted the settings for a course to allow guest login, people still have to login.

One workaround is to add &username=guest to the URL (web address) of the course link. Here's an example of what it would look like:

*Note that the above link won't really is just meant to illustrate the placement of the username portion in bold red.

That's pretty much it! Diana says she discovered this tip online here:

Use the guest shortcut in the url, i.e. add '&username=guest' (or '?username=guest') to the url. 

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jkitterman said…
Thanks for sharing this. It we are beginning to use Moodle as a teacher Web-presence solution. And I've drug my heels in updating our teacher directory web page for the reason that you mention - the whole log in as guest fun. You've saved me some research time, I can now craft the urls to include guest log in, removing the confusion. Thanks again. Cheers!
Cilla Carvalho said…
This is an unnecessary workaround. There's a easier way of doing it: after set the course to allow guests, go to: "Site Administration" box in the first page, and access "User", "Permission", "User Polices" and then look for the check box "Auto-login guests" and check-it. This will make guests enter automatically when the course allows. Sorry for any English mistakes, my main language is Portuguese! ;)
Anonymous said…
Duh! No.

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