Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking for a Job?

Although I previously shared 9 Ways to Find Jobs in a Texas Tough Economy, I thought I'd pass along this resource that was emailed to me. Like any site, please be sure to apply your information problem-solving/literacy skills when reviewing sites.

Teaching Jobs Portal ( . It is a site built with the needs of teachers working toward their professional potential.  After Obama’s State of the Union address it is clear that the government is looking to focus on education, and there are fortunately many resources for teachers looking for classroom support.  But, it can be difficult for teachers to find resources for their careers.  That is where we are trying to help.
Teacher Job Portal is a resource outlining statistics and poignant facts about each state’s need for educators.  We have partnered with the University of Southern California's MAT@USC who is striving to give teachers high quality flexible options for their own education so they can be passionate about educating their students.  The goal is to build an online community of teachers who: need a job, are moving to a new job, are frustrated where they are, or are looking for career advice.
Please help us spread the word about this great resource ( by sharing it with your readers. Teaching Jobs Portal is always looking to work with high quality education blogs and we’d love to hear any questions, comments or suggestions you have about the site.

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