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Truly, there's nothing so vexing as getting into bad sleep habits during the holiday break! It's 2:26 AM on January 2nd, and being up this late will surely wipe me out for Sunday, involving long naps to recuperate. However, figuring out the best way to do photo management using PicasaWeb on UbuntuLinux has me going and enthused (that and long nap messed up my sleep cycle).

While other operating systems enjoy a PicasaWeb uploader, a few short searches have yielded nothing. Having installed Picasa for GNU/Linux, I've come to the same conclusion others's great for managing photos, downloading your Web Albums, but when you just want to throw pictures just seems cumbersome.

That's why I was thrilled to figure out that Shotwell on UbuntuLinux does the job of importing images in a folder and publishing them a simple, quick affair.

What's neat about Shotwell is that it doesn't need to relocate your images from one folder to has the ability to create links to the originals. This means, you can drop pictures off your camera/phone/whatever onto your computer's desktop (or right off the device), publish them to PicasaWeb, and then delete the links in Shotwell without messing with lengthy import processes.

Shotwell also publishes images to Facebook and Flickr, making it a must-have photo management tool!

Shotwell can deal with videos/audio files, too. Find out more online at their web site.

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Great discovery, Miguel. I'll pass it along.

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