Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Know What You Did Last Summer - Identifying Virtual Roach Parts

This past summer, I found myself making the obligatory visit to the restroom after a long day of travel in anticipation of facilitating two days of workshops for a school district. As I stepped into the hotel room "restroom area," half-awake after a plane trip, a brown insect moved with evil intent near the base of the toilet bowl. A surge of adrenalin fueled my body like high octane gas does a Honda Passport jumping to full speed in a short time. I lunged for a shoe, anything with a hard sole, grasping a black dress shoe, an appropriate color for the mood the intruder would soon engender among his brethren.

As I made my way back to bed, fully awake, I slipped under the covers, glad that I had not encountered him at midnight when too sleepy to notice. A few hours later, I awoke, and peered into the trash can where I'd dumped the carapace of the creature who haunted my sleep, grown to titanic proportions by my sleeping mind, requiring the blast of multiple shotgun shells as I led a troupe of terrified tourists from a motel in a small border town away from the emboldened, enlarged cockroaches.

I realize now that I might have taken a more clinical view of the roach. Perhaps a more dispassionate view of this creature...analyzed it's body parts, inventoried its insectfulness...the tools are readily available and provided by Orkin Pest Control.

I wanted to notify you about an educational resource developed by my company Orkin Pest Control.  It is a fully interactive virtual cockroach designed to be an instructional tool about insect anatomy. It is located here:
Steve Clark

Orkin Pest Control

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