Saturday, January 29, 2011

GiveAway Winners - Collage It for Windows

Earlier this week, in this blog entry, I shared a new Giveaway of Pearl Mountain Software's Collage It! for Windows!

Here are the winners of Pearl Mountain Software's Giveaway:
  1. Carol VanHook
  2. Helen Teague
  3. Helen Mowers
  4. Uwe
  5. Joanne DeCosta
  6. Denise Thomas
  7. Bill
  8. Bonnie Feather
  9. Diana Benner
  10. Kristin Bunde
  11. Doe
  12. T Haag
  13. Angela Smyers
  14. Josie Salas
  15. Stephanie Correa
  16. Laura Lopez
  17. Tonya Mills
  18. Molly Valdez
All winners have been emailed except for the last two...I'll have to send those out later!

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vanhookc said...

I just won this! Wow, that made my Saturday morning extra special. Right away, I downloaded Collage It Pro and made one! It is so simple and I love it! See my first try at Collage It . Indeed, it gets my highest recommendation for others to try!

Thanks, Miguel.

Helen Teague said...

Thanks Miguel for CollageIt! Thought you might like to see my blog post about integration opportunities for it in the classroom.
Helen Teague

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