Embedding Audio in Blogger

Thanks to this Plurk'd conversation, I thought I might revisit how to quickly embed audio in blogger using two solutions.

The question was simply, "How do you put MP3 in a Blogger entry and/or Sites so that people can play and/or download the audio?"

#1 - Finding an Audio File Host Solution
First, you need to have a place to host the audio file. There are a variety of solutions that will host your audio file for free, as well as "serve it up" for embedding or downloading. I've pretty much given up on my solutions because they are transitory "web 2.0" solutions...that said, I'm going to include one in my list below:
  1. The Internet Archive - I remember when I first started hosting audio on The Archive, it was a cumbersome process to FTP files up. Now, the process is a LOT easier and they host your content forever. In fact, it's safe to say that ALL the audio I've put up on the Internet Archive is still online...all my other podcasts that aren't still online, I put in other less likely places. It's a FREE, no cost solution. The only drawback is that once the editing/deletion time span passes, you won't be able to remove it...it's there forever, so avoid putting anything up there that you'll want to remove after a few days since it won't be possible. Get setup with your own account!
  2. Dropbox.com - Setup an audio folder and share it with the world and you'll be able to link to any file, including audio/video files, for linking on the web. Of course, you have limited space so if you're doing a lot of podcasting, this may not be a long-term solution unless you feel confident of making a long-term commitment and think that Dropbox will survive forever (it's a Web 2.0 storage solution...the Internet Cemetery is littered with tombstones for online file storage solutions, so...you've been warned!)
  3. Docs.google.com - GoogleDocs has made it easy for you to host audio and video solutions online...the only problem I've run into is that if you're going to have thousands of visitors downloading audio, GoogleDocs may shut you down for a period of time until the number of "hits" resets to zero or something. I haven't seen any official policy (haven't looked) but Google Docs works for easy hosting and embedding of audio files. And, it's easy to embed content from GoogleDocs into blogger and sites.
  4. There are lots of others...just be aware that some are "fly-by-nights" like Edublogs.tv that may disappear from one day to the next without warning.
#2 - Embedding audio for playing within your blogger entry
As a "blogger" myself, I simply link to audio files. Usually, clicking on an audio file will open a window or cause immediate playback...or save the file to the user's computer for playback with some player like VLC Media Player.

You can also record audio using online tools (not a complete list) and then save those, although some provide the embed code for your audio file hosted on their site:

Here are some solutions you can use to embed audio:
  1. Use the embed code from audio-hosting sites. This is the best approach.
  2. Use the embed code from Delicious.com
  3. Here's what that looks like embedded into this blog entry:
Audio Hosted on Private Server using Delicious.com:

Audio Hosted on Dropbox for Download:
Listen to Podcast

Audio Hosted on GoogleDocs for Download:
Listen to Podcast

Other ideas? Out of time to add more for now....

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