A Call to Action - Texas Educators Unite!

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Chatting on the phone this evening with a friend who works in the same school district as my children go to, the conversation turned to, "What do you think we should be doing?"
"Well," I started hesitantly, "the week of TCEA 2011 State Conference or perhaps sooner than that, educators need to lead a march on a la flaming torches on the State Capitol." I guiltily thought of Tim Holt's suggestion.
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"Perhaps," I continued, "this would be something TCEA staffers could do. We could all march on the State Capitol and present them with a list of demands to legislators, exhorting them to recant the severe cuts they're imposing on school district staff, students, and communities."
"Yeah," he replied with a bit of enthusiasm, "that would be better than just going up there for the convention."
"I have given this a little thought," I suggested, trying the idea on for size, "and educators would have to take time off from work...we couldn't do this while on 'company time.' That wouldn't be right or legal."

So what do you think about this? Here's what I'd like to suggest Texans do:
  1. Fill out this form sharing your willingness to take a day off and march on the State Capitol. You'll be asked for your contact information.
  2. Retweet, RePlurk, Post on Facebook this information.
If you have a Facebook account, be sure to visit the Facebook Page!

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