Annual Renewals Coming Home to Roost


This month, it appears all the annual renewals for web-based services are coming home to roost! Let's see....

  • $30 for 2 year domain name renewal through is due
  • ~$15.00 1 year renewal for Jing Pro (even though I should just use Camtasia or Wink) is due
  • $20 1 year renewal for Google Storage.

It adds up to approximately $65 so far. That's amazing. Let's see what services I get for free now:

  • The Awesome Highlighter, which has become the free replacement for Diigo's highlighting. Sure, the education version is still no-cost, but back to the maxim of using the simplest tool for the job as well as trying to not get "stuck" using one tool for everything.
  • Gmail - Still the best email solution around.
  • UbuntuLinux operating system, and derivatives like Linux Mint, which I use quite a bit at home and on the go.
  • which has helped me lose 5 pounds in the days since I started using it.
  • A host of Android phone-based apps, among them Seemic for Twitter, PlurkA for Plurk, Facebook app, AK Notepad, and a dozens more that I use every day that are free.
  • Tons of free, open source apps too numerous to list here.
  • - Still on the free side of this, although I can drop it if I have to if they decide to start charging for storage. My 80 gigs of storage at GoogleDocs covers almost everything, but having stuff on Dropbox--such as my favorite free open source software for loading a new machine--make it convenient. Of course, this might also be a home-grown possibility.
When I think about how much I get for free, the $65 seems like such a small number. Of course, I have other domain renewals coming up later this year, such as for which is used to host Scuttle in lieu of being dependent on, and other fly by night social bookmarking tools. Also, "" where I keep this blog, a place to share what I'm learning about with others and learn from the resulting conversation.

Some of the services that I have used in the past and stopped paying for:
  • Yahoo Mail Plus - thank goodness for Gmail and that I made the switch.
Hmm...that's all that comes to mind. What services do you find worth paying for?

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Damian said…
I use Evernote on a daily basis for work; I find it so invaluable that I pony up the $40 or $45 for the annual pro subscription. I don't need the additional upload capacity, but pro accounts allow you to store all document types in Evernote, whereas the free version limits you to certain file types.

I also pay $25/year for Remember the Milk. I used the free version for years, and even switched to Google Tasks for a while, but the promise of a native Android app for phone access and the extended functionality over GTasks convinced me to pay.

Lastpass is a password database site, and again, it's the mobile access that gets me to pay $12/year.

I too have domain names and webhosting costs, but I think I get all that about as cheap as possible.

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