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MyNotes - #txedbudget Rescuing the Tech Allotment?

Is it possible the state tech allotment might find a savior in Senator Shapiro? One can only hope....Quotes:Shapiro: 'Stars out of alignment' for schools | Trail Blazers Blog | dallasnews.comShapiro: 'Stars out of alignment' for schools 1:12 PM Mon, Jan 31, 2011 | Permalink Robert T. Garrett/Reporter    Bio |  E-mail  | News tips Sen. Florence Shapiro, R-Plano, says there's no one group to blame, no one document or bill that's caused a fiscal shipwreck for Texas public schools this session. The state has no money to replace $3.3 billion of federal stimulus money it gave the schools last session. It has no money for the $2.2 billion schools will need to cover projected growth in student enrollment. Nor does the state have $2 billion to offset school districts' loss of tax revenue from a decline in property values, though under current law it's supposed to do that. And so on. She told reporters later that she doesn't like how t…

Job Posting - Instructional Technology Specialist

Job titleInstructional Technology Specialist FLSA statusExempt Posting number11-01-26-01-8108 Job statusOpen Basic Information Date availableImmediately Position durationFunding expected to continue Position open toall applicants Monthly salary $4583 negotiable depending on qualifications. Hours per week40.00 Standard from 800AM to 500PM LocationAustin (main campus) Hiring departmentCtr Teaching Learning Number of vacancies1 General notesNone provided Required Application Materials A Resume is required in order to apply. A Letter of Interest is required in order to apply. A List of 3 References is required in order to apply.
Go to Document Management to upload required materials. Additional Information Purpose of positionLead the instructional design, development, implementation and evaluation of the multimedia and rich Internet applications for instruction, and to collaborate with faculty i…

MyNotes - School superintendents battle big budget cuts #txedbudget

School superintendents battle big budget cuts | | Dallas - Fort Worth Local News
School superintendents battle big budget cuts by BRAD WATSON Posted on January 31, 2011 at 5:22 PM Dallas would lose $240 million under the House budget bill. Fort Worth would be cut $54 million, Arlington $37 million, Frisco $84 million, McKinney $36 million, Plano $59 million and Richardson $42 million. If Dallas is not spared the possible cuts, layoffs won't be in the hundreds. "But it will be thousands of positions reduced, thousands — in plural," said Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. "We don't have that specific number yet, but we're going to lay that out to the board next week." He also said some schools may be forced to close. "Campus closures have not been on the table until now," Hinojosa said. "That's almost impossible for us to do that for next year, but 18 months from now it will definitely be on the table." Wylie ISD…

MyNotes - Online education disrupting traditional academic models

Quotes:BBC News - Online education disrupting traditional academic modelsOnline education disrupting traditional academic models By Kabir Chibber The centre of academic life at most universities is the library. The rows and rows of dusty, hastily-mended bound books and journals hint at a vast world of knowledge and draw a link between generations of students who have roamed the halls. But students in the engineering department at the University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA) do not get that experience. Instead, they download whatever they want to any one of the terminals or their laptops. The sleek glass library seats 80 people and holds 425,000 e-books and 18,000 e-journal subscriptions. And there is no need to share because all these budding engineers can read the same text at the same time. Higher education across the world is undergoing a seismic technological shift, which is changi…

@GovernorPerry Save the Texas Technology Allotment #txbudget #texasbudget #texas #education @tcea

In 1991, the Texas Legislature created a funding stream of $30 a student# that is dedicated to equipping our schools with technology and the resources and training to use it.  

For nineteen years, this funding stream has helped finance the increasing need to integrate technology into the education of Texas children, as well as provide the technological infrastructure that is required to run a school district in this digital age. These funds help to provide the network, equipment, digital content, Internet access, and professional development that today's students and teachers need to prepare for tomorrow's economy.

The 72nd Texas Legislature and every legislature since has known that a dedicated source of funding is needed to assist Texas public schools in implementing the State Board of Education’s Long-Range Plan for Technology.
The plan states:
“The goal in teaching and learning must be to empower young citizens to live and learn in a continuously changing 21st century enviro…

Guacamole and Technology

Note: Another Oldybutgoody. Wrote it awhile back when I was facilitating professional learning in Eagle Pass, Texas for the school district there with colleague James McNamara. One of the funniest moments with Jim McNamara came when I was digging through the trunk of my car and found a brand new comb. As an expression of gratitude for Jim's mentorship--I had just joined the Education Service Center--I offered it to him with a long, mock heroic tale expressing my heart-felt gratitude. Jim looked me straight in the eye, and without missing a beat, took the proferred comb and said, "I'll never part with it." You see, Jim was/is bald-headed. I about fell on the ground laughing.
Sitting in the Restaurante Moderno in Piedras Negras one evening after having taught a nine-hour class in Eagle Pass, having supper and sipping a stimulating beverage, James McNamara (Technology Director for a San Antonio school district) leaned back in his wood frame chair with a red cushion, &quo…

FISHing for IT

Note: This OLDYBUTGOODY was written after I read the book FISH.

I know you have better things to do this weekend than to take some time and do some reflection. We have begun a new school year and with it comes a lot of little surprises. Consider this a little surprise................. for those of you who like surprises. In your box is a book called FISH. I want you to come by and pick it up and when you have some down time, read it. It is short and could be easily read in 15 to 30 minutes! Well maybe a little longer since it has very few pictures.I want to start Wednesday morning with a conversation centered on the book. I want to have a healthy conversation about organizational culture beginning with this book. This whole year, we will be disussing organizational culture and what it means to our organization and the people who make the organization.Please be prepared to share your thoughts and how the book relates to what we are trying to accomplish.
The note above arrived with my own…

7 Tips to Managing Joblessness

Managing joblessness...wait, did I say "joblessness?" I mean to say unemployment-induced helplessness. As many contemplate the end of their service in public schools as librarians, teachers, and instructional technologists due to Texas Budget Cuts, I've found taking the following actions helpful.

Talk to everyone you know and ask for letters of recommendation. In a short time, those people you get letters of recommendation from may be unemployed or in different positions. Ask them now for letters that are undated and address various aspects of your expertise. Sure, you may be a technology expert, but if you're also certified in writing workshops or bilingual education--or pick your poison--then ask them to write about you from THAT perspective. That way, you have multiple letters reflecting the diverse talents you might exhibit when employed.Start a GoogleDoc list--I use the Spreadsheet--to keep track of all the jobs you've applied for, their status and resolutio…

A New Adventure - Unemployment in K-12 Texas Schools

"Pilgrim, You've Got Work to do." It's a message--borrowed from my watching of mountain man movie, Jeremiah Johnson, that resonated after a disappointing Friday. And, I expect, it's a message that will resonate with many educators--possibly 100,000 across Texas--who will find themselves unemployed or second-guessing their decision to go into K-12 public schools with legislators who have decided to "amputate" entire departments and budgets.

In one of the opening sequences, mountain man wannabe Jeremiah Johnson (played by Robert Redford) is told, "Pilgrim, you got work to do" referring to his need to learn how to survive in the mountains. He was leaving the towns and turmoil of war behind him. This weekend, I've felt like abandoning public schools and escaping to the mountains, to find the marrow of the world.
Note: I may soon be unemployed, and if you're reading this, I ask that you consider hiring me as a consultant or becoming part of y…