Using Facebook to Share Your Blog

This past weekend, I noticed that Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher) was using something called "NetworkedBlogs" on Facebook to autopost content to Twitter...intriguing! So, for fun, I set it up.

So...check out Around the Corner via Facebook!

P.S. My apologies for double-posting to Twitter. While experimenting with different services that auto-post to Twitter and Plurk--such as,, may have double-posts showing up. All of these are great, but my favorite ones are the first two for auto-posting. still has some fine-tuning to do to allow for multiple RSS feeds to publish, although you can use an RSS grouping/aggregator tool to get more than one RSS feed to publish.

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Posting blog in social network like Facebook made this blog easier! I can't wait for trying this by myself!
Vicki Davis said…
Been playing around with lots of things myself. Yes, double posting is something that does happen! Now twitter isn't feeding into facebook. Just gotta work through this.


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