Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Travel Attitude-Light @timholt2007

Tim Holt (Intended Consequences) points out the following:

The comet is coming for technophobic teachers.
If I am reading the tea leaves of education technology correctly it looks like it's going to be about time for teachers that are technophobic to start looking at retirement plans or career options. 

The truth of the matter is not that the comet is coming for technophobic teachers, but for technophiles. As the market becomes saturated with the tears of joy from technophobes who have embraced their, as Tim puts it, 60-pound backpack.

The 60-pound backpack isn't the technology, but the attitudes, old perspectives, ways of getting things done that came with it. Those can include 1) restricting access; 2) not allowing people to make the technology their own; 3) using technology only for "work purposes;" 4) Focusing on hardware control rather than data liberation and information management.

What else is in that backpack technophiles are carrying around? Can we learn to travel attitude-light, just like the technophobes are learning to not be hardware-heavy?

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