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Note: As you can see, I can import bookmarks from
using my own hosted server solution in combination with
free open source bookmark tool, Scuttle.

Given the problems with, the general non-interest in Diigo at this point despite its awesomeness (I like Diigo because of the highlighting feature, but I have found Awesome Highlighter to be a competent alternative without all the "other" stuff I don't need). Hmm...maybe a list of what I use a bookmark tool for would be helpful, such as tags, RSS feed generated for tag(s), notes feature...

What am I looking for in terms of tools to interact with the web?
  • Highlight content on web pages out there that I want to write about and feature in the "MyNotes" section of my blog. A tool that I've used on all platforms (e.g. Mac, UbuntuLinux, Windows) on multiple browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) is Awesome Highlighter. It works great!
  • Bookmarking Site for Sharing with Others - To accomplish this, I like because it's simple and low overhead, no advertising in the toolbar. That said, problems earlier made me lose confidence in the longevity of the product...and, so, I've decided to just set up Scuttle as an alternative after importing my bookmarks into it.

At the risk of crossing over into severe techie-ness, I had a lot of fun (frustration is part of fun) setting up Scuttle bookmarking tool on a host server. This post by @dlnorman caught my eye (thanks to @robwall for sharing it) so I had to try it. It was a pretty straightforward process, although I did run into the problem of how to assign an admin user with all privileges in MySQL to the database I created.

This tutorial helped me understand that I was using the wrong tool to get the job done...I was trying to do it all via phpMyAdmin when it needed to be done with MySQL Databases tool on CPANEL.

In general, here are the steps I followed...nothing impossibly hard, just the steps I followed.

  1. Exported all my bookmarks ; I later had to break up my 1.4 meg file into two parts, but that was pretty easy...I simply kept the first and last line and removed roughly half the content. I separated the two halves--keeping first and last line of the original in both halves--and saved them as Delicious1.xml and Delicious2.xml.
  2. Downloaded Scuttle and extracted the files.
  3. Modified the config file to reflect database and user information.  Here are what screenshots might look like...creating the database and assigning a user.
  4. Imported the tables.sql file using phpMyAdmin into my new database for Scuttle.
  5. Access the site via the web and created my user (mguhlin).
  6. When ready to import, I followed the instructions as shown above and I also skimmed Norman's notes.
  7. Registered a domain name - - so i could get back to it easy enough.

At the end of the day, here's what it looks like...still need some more customization, though:

I haven't played around with SemanticsScuttle yet, so...that's for another day and time. For now, I'm pretty happy with a way to save bookmarks on Scuttle.

One of the questions going around in my head was, "How do I stop other people from getting an account on the Scuttle bookmark site I set up?" Norman's approach, I think, was to remove/rename the "register.php" file, effectively stopping anyone from registering.

Update: I had to change the name of the register template file in the template folder as well to make this rename work.

For now, I'm going to do the same. However, I'm open to the idea of a "community" of users dropping all their bookmarks into it. Rather than rename/remove the filename, I've decided to setup the following form for folks who want to join in and share their education relevant links.

I had to laugh at my I need a full blown terms of service?

Anyways, for fun (view link):

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timstahmer said…
With the uncertainty surrounding the fate of Delicious I was also looking for the possibility of a DIY alternative. Thanks for writing about your experience with Scuttle. That could be a good place to start for what I need.

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