Meme of the Month - Remembering Dale Carnegie's Magic Formula

Miguel at 18 years
When I was 17 years old, right before leaving for college (I turned 18 in October), I could barely get a word out when standing in front of a group. In fact, my shyness often kept me from speaking up in class, although I seldom had problems writing my thoughts down and sharing them that way. Rather than plan a talk out--like I do now--with main points fleshed out by personal story, I focused on writing/typing my entire speech out.

Exasperated with me, my Dad shipped me off to Dale Carnegie's Human Relations Course one summer for 8 weeks, about 3.5 hours once a week. Another shy young man from India who coincidentally happened to be an acquaintance from the electronic bulletin boards (BBSs) we frequented also attended. It was a powerfully eye-opening experience for me since we were the only two teens in the room. The rest were men and women in business suits.

One of the main take-aways, aside from "live in day-tight compartments," which has come in handy in stressful times we all face as get older and shoulder more responsibility, was the public speaking advice Carnegie offered.

Here's the "Magic Formula" which literally changed my interactions with others for many years and gave me fresh confidence ("I have the courage of 10,000 Bengal tigers" was another pick me up phrase we learned  along with "If you ACT enthusiastic, then you'll be enthusiastic!"):

The Magic Formula was first developed by Dale Carnegie and in three simple steps it’s everything you need to know to become an incredibly poised, polished and masterful communicator – online or offline!

Here’s the Magic Formula in its simplest form:
STEP 1:  Incident – What specific incident inspired the purpose surrounding of your topic?
STEP 2:  Action – What specific action do you want your listener/reader to take?
STEP 3:  Benefit – What specific benefits will your listeners/readers gain as a result of taking action?

Try can certainly "deploy" the formula within 2 minute conversations with others. What kind of conversations would you have about these topics?

  • Unblocking....
    • YouTube
    • Skype
    • [Your favorite Read/Write Web Tool goes here]
  • Getting funding for that Moodle server
  • Getting your own server put aside the firewall so you can try new solutions
  • Kicking off professional learning project that impacts classroom teachers
The applications are endless....hmm...maybe I'll try it on this week's blog entries (not this one, of course). Join me?

To kick this off, let's go with a meme of the month. Revitalize your blogging! Apply Dale Carnegie's Magic Formula for speaking to your blogging. Here's the formula:

STEP 1: Incident – What specific incident inspired the purpose surrounding of your topic?
STEP 2: Action – What specific action do you want your listener/reader to take?
STEP 3: Benefit – What specific benefits will your listeners/readers gain as a result of taking action?

Be sure to tag your blog entries with "magicformula" so we can track them down!

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