Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plugging Your USB External Drive into Your Car - Listening to MP3s

Portable USB Hard Drive that looks like a car!

How can I use an external hard drive (USB) loaded with MP3s on my car via the USB port there?

Possible response:

While you can use any portable USB hard drive (you're not limited to just the pretty ones like the one shown at the top of this blog post), you need to get it read to go.
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Step 1 - Format your USB external hard drive to FAT32 file system. You can do this using Windows computer (right-click and choose format) or your Mac with Disk Utility. While you can use a high capacity external drive, a "USB stick" or "pendrive" will also work.

Step 2 - Once the USB external hard drive is formatted, place MP3 formatted songs on it. 

Step 3 - Buy an Inverter for your Car to power the USB Drive. For the car, you will need two things--1) For power, a 100 watt DC/AC inverter (ranges from $16 to about $30) in your car to plug your USB drive into and 2) For MP3 playing, a car USB port you can plug your hard drive into.

Step 4 - Plug your hard drive into your car's USB port and enjoy. Note that you will probably want to keep your USB external drive warm during the winter, cool during the summer...or the hard drive probably won't work until the temperature is "right."

Good luck!

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