Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O'Reilly Blogger Invite

I love to get "free" books, and found the O'Reilly Blogger invitation to hard to pass up:

Hi Miguel,
We recently launched the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program at oreilly.com/bloggers, where you can get access to great books and videos, learn more about leading-edge software, technology and social media trends, and have your expert opinions heard as a reviewer. Since you write a tech blog, I thought you might be interested.
How does it work?
- Sign up for a free account:
- Choose an ebook or video from our available products and we'll place it in your account:
- Post a review of 200 words or more on your blog and a consumer website.
- Login, provide a link to your review, then request another ebook or video.
I hope you'll sign up and give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Pretty exciting, huh? Not only was the account easy to setup, but I found the sample review--the form and function of a review--to be pretty straightforward. 200 words! How can you beat that? My application was submitted and I immediately received the following:

Thanks for your interest in the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program. Your application has been approved. To get started browse our list of currently available products (http://oreillynet.com/oreilly/bloggers/available.csp) and choose one to review.
Be sure to read the program guidelines (http://www.oreillynet.com/oreilly/bloggers/guidelines.csp) and check out the list of blogger resources (http://www.oreillynet.com/oreilly/bloggers/resources.csp), including a badge you can post on your blog.

One of the neat aspects is that O'Reilly books are free from digital rights management (DRM). This means that, unlike those books I buy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I won't have to worry about juggling DRM licenses, etc....I can just through the ePub book on my eReader such as my Nook and I'm ready to go!
You get lifetime access to ebooks you purchase through oreilly.com. Whenever possible we provide them to you in five DRM-free file formats — PDF, ePub, Kindle-compatible .mobi, DAISY, and Android .apk — that you can use on the devices of your choice. Our ebooks are enhanced with color images, even when the print version is black and white.
That will make it easy to carry the book around and put it on my Nook! I've already downloaded it and will be reading it soon.

The review guidelines are pretty easy to follow:

For the title of your post please include the title of the book and the author (e.g. Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun)
Summary (25-100 words)
Please make sure your summary is in the first few sentences of the review.
Your Reactions (100-150 words)
If you liked something particular about the ebook or video, be sure to mention what it is and why you liked it. Likewise, if you didn't like something in the book, say what it is and why you didn't like it. Be as specific as you can—this information is important to other readers.
Posting Your Review
After you've posted the review on your blog, post your review on at least one consumer site such asAmazon.comBarnesandnoble.comBorders.com, or oreilly.com. Please include a link back to the catalog page at oreilly.com at the end of your review. This link can be found on the product page.

If you haven't considered trying this out, I encourage you to do so! In the meantime, I'm off to do my review...oh, and I love this disclaimer from another reviewer about one of my favorite books, The SQL Pocket Guide (I keep one on my desk at work, home, and on the shelf in case I lose the other two!):

In the interest of full disclosure, this blog was provided a free electronic (PDF) copy of the book through O'Reilly media's Blogger Review Program.  This review was not otherwise solicited or compensated from O'Reilly, and the opinions of the review are the opinion of its author.
I'll be adapting that disclosure for my own use. Nicely done.

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