Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oklahoma Online Teacher Certification Program

Oklahoma Distance Learning Association now offers an Online Teaching Certification Program

Teaching in the online environment involves much more than putting course materials into an online format. Most instructors find that the pacing, organization of content, and types of activities need to be different when delivered online. ODLA's OTC (Online Teaching Certification) program prepares you for teaching online by providing knowledge and skills, examples, and best practices. Utilizing the vast array of expertise from several Oklahoma Colleges and Universities, you will gain key skills and knowledge for success in teaching in the online environment. Those with some previous online teaching experience also will benefit by broadening perspectives and deepening understanding of online teaching strategies.

ODLA offers a unique, Online Teaching Certification program lasting approximately 25 weeks. Students will participate in a cohort-based, five module program taught in conjunction with multiple institutions throughout the state of Oklahoma. Module One: Theoretical Approach to Teaching Online. Module Two: Student Engagement in Online Courses. Module Three: Assessment Methods and Accessibility in Online Courses. Module Four: Technology Integration in Online Courses. Module Five: Course Management Systems and Course Organization with your choice of CMS Specialization: Moodle, D2L, BlackBoard, WebCT, Angel.

January cohort now forming beginning Jan. 24th, 2011. To find out more information or to register, visit http://www.odla.org and click on the link OTC Program.

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