Thursday, December 9, 2010

MyNotes - "New" Exchange-GoogleApps Synchronization Tool

Wow, this promises to be a pretty awesome tool for school districts currently running MS Exchange who want to take advantage of GoogleApps for Education. Will this make a difference for your organization?

At a workshop I had the good fortune to attend today, GoogleApps for Education was definitely discussed as a free resource available for educators to use, a resource that we may have more need of in light of upcoming budget cuts.

Google Launches Tool to Get Companies to Back Up Their E-mails With Gmail
    • Google Launches Tool to Get Companies to Back Up Their E-mails With Gmail
      • Google has just launched Message Continuity, a cloud-based enterprise solution for backing up corporate e-mail whenever Microsoft Exchange goes down.
        • It essentially creates a complete backup copy of Microsoft Exchange Servers and puts those e-mails into a Google Apps account, replicating that information within Gmail, Calendar and Contacts.
          • The hope is that when a company's e-mail servers go down, it will be able to boot up Google's cloud-based solution and continue its work without interruption. Google and Exchange are constantly synced to make sure Message Continuity is up-to-date. And because it's cloud-based, the only way it goes down is if Google goes down.
            • "Since Microsoft Exchange and Gmail are always in sync with one another, there's no need to migrate email data when eventually deploying Google Apps," the company said in its blog post.Google acquired Postini in 2007 for $625 million for its cloud-based e-mail technology. It's the basis for some of Google's cloud security features.

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