MyNotes - Google Pushes Education Software

Pick your poison...Microsoft or GoogleApps. In the long run, which is the more benevolent?

Google Pushes Education Software Through App Store
Software sales for U.S. schools and colleges this year should surpass the 2009 total of $4.6 billion, according to Parthenon Group LLC. That could provide a new growth stream for Google, which gets...
"A teacher logs into a Google Apps account and they can access anything in the marketplace," said Birchfield, who is known by colleagues as the "Google guru." "It gives you a one-stop-shop kind of ...
Aviary Education, one of the first education apps offered on the site, is a free Web-based tool that lets students edit images and audio recordings in a private environment that can be monitored by...
Using Aviary's software, seventh graders at Harwich Middle School created presentations on women's issues in the Middle East, pairing images with narrations and sound effects. Google made the softw...
Providing "more apps for the education vertical helps them to basically acquire a customer for their whole portfolio of products early on," Aggarwal said. Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have offere...
Google is plotting toward a future where it's the broker of all new technology adopted by a school, said Salman Khan, the founder of the nonprofit educational video series Khan Academy.

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Poison? Why Poison?
A tool is a tool. Craftsman vs. Cobalt...

Free is free.
I blogged about how the open source crowd cant compete with the free online offerings like Aviary because the business model has changed.

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