Magic Formula - Video Conversion

Note: My contribution to an ill-advised meme I started late last night that formats blog entries according to Dale Carnegie's Magic Formula (or tries to). Find the formula in the right sidebar of my blog at
STEP 1: Incident – What specific incident inspired the purpose surrounding of your topic?
"Miguel," asked a team member on a Mac computer, "how can I easily convert all these video files to a format that will work well on the Web?" To quickly deal with one video conversion, you can use a variety of video conversion tools, but without the right codecs on your Mac, you may hit the wall. For the short term, I encouraged her to use a converter on a Windows computer until we could deal with the problem--getting her computer loaded with the appropriate video codecs on the Mac.

STEP 2: Action – What specific action do you want your listener/reader to take?
When you're working with video conversions, make sure that you get the right codecs loaded on your computer. Also, while some video converters may do just one conversion at a time, try using one that will use more than one.

STEP 3: Benefit – What specific benefits will your listeners/readers gain as a result of taking action?
The benefit of this is simple: You won't be stuck flipping between one computer and another to get the video conversions done.

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