Drop Your Tools!

Drop the Tools!

Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog) recently introduced me to a new blog--Bill Storm on EdTech. There, the blogger shares the following story from a book he's reading:
Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division, by Anthony Muhammad, is a book brought to our attention courtesy of our district superintendent, and I suspect it will be the topic of future posts as life here goes on and its insights illuminate our experiences as educational leaders.  Dr. Muhammad recounts an event from August 5, 1949, in which 14 young smokejumpers were killed by a wild fire in western Montana because they failed to obey these orders: “Drop your tools and run!” This was counter-intuitive to these firefighters, their tools considered to be their key to survival, and they were trained to fight fire, not run from it.  
To use the terms outlined in the book--as shared at the web site linked above--this blog entry is probably for the believers:
The Believers are those who are committed to the learning of each student and who operate under the assumption that their efforts can make an enormous difference in that learning.
Why? Only those committed are going to say to technology director of a school district, "Drop your tools and go to the cloud!" Yet, that is exactly what many leaders ARE doing and not just in schools. Yet, dropping your tools and moving quickly to cloud computing doesn't mean you have to do so uninformed.

Some new resources worth investigating include the following:

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