Monday, December 13, 2010

Come Forth!

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Like Lazarus out of the grave, the words of some Google Education staff pulled Around the Corner, Moodle Mayhem, and my ePortfolio back from the grave this evening. Thanks to everyone for their support during this time--losing access to an ePortfolio you hadn't backed up, countless blog entries (2,387), and, worse, MoodleMayhem, had me in a deep vegetative state.

What do I intend to do now? Well, several things:

  1. Make backups of my Google Sites, especially my ePortfolio at
  2. Try to make backups of my blog, although it's more difficult because there are so many blog entries to back up (I've tried a local Wordpress install and but both only go so far)...and Atom.xml export only works on so many blog entries.
  3. Review my last 20-30 blog entries and ask myself, What terms might I have violated? Since no specific answer has been forthcoming as of yet--although I do hope for correction--I think it's fair to say that I would be happy to address the issue(s) promptly.
All that aside, ain't it grand?

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Edventures said...

So no indication of why your sites were taken down?

Miguel Guhlin said...

@Edventures, no indication aside from a Terms of Service violation. However, I'm unclear about which terms, if any, were violated. Need a little more transparency on this issue.

When I find out, I will share it on the blog.


Mr. RCollins said...

I went through my Google Reader, and it has 6,147 articles that you've posted to your blog since Oct. 11, 2005, so there's at least one back up copy. :-)

I use a self hosted Wordpress installation and a plugin that automatically backs the entire blog up to Amazon S3 every day. Really nice for backups.

Miguel Guhlin said...

@Mr. RCollins, thanks so much for volunteering to copy-n-paste 6000+ entries!!


With appreciation for being a faithful reader,

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