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Much smarter than me, my daughter has shifted from "Arts" focus in high school--"After all, Dad, I'm just going to end up editing the school anthology senior year!"--to a STEM focus. I was a bit nervous after getting this news, but having learned, I encouraged her to pursue her interests. After all, anyone who's "ace-ing" physics (I struggled by with a "B-" in my senior year) and Pre-Calculus while in a rigorous writing program should be able to handle it.

And, I read the following from

Students who focus on STEM in high school and major in one or more of those areas in college are the most highly paid professionals, on average.
According to, the top nine best undergraduate degrees by salary are:
1. Petroleum engineering
2. Aerospace engineering
3. Chemical engineering
4. Electrical engineering
5. Nuclear engineering
6. Applied mathematics
7. Biomedical engineering
8. Physics
9. Computer engineering

After studying the graph, I realized how many opportunities I'd missed by getting a poor foundation in mathematics and science in middle and high school.

Thinking of my retirement, I look at my daughter and say, "Sure, hon, go for it! Just remember your Dad when he's old and decrepit and you need someone to clean the toilets, cook, and clean house!"

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