Friday, November 5, 2010

Vicarious Conferencing #tltechforum

This year (2010), I decided to stay home rather than attend conferences. It's a tough decision because the value of a conference is in the face to face connections you make, rather than the information shared. The dynamic of the learning that happens in a conversation gives the information texture, a life of its own that kindles one's memory when all seems forgotten.

That said, powerful learning can happen when you're reading tweets from conferences, albeit it, in reverse. If this were a Plurked conversation, you could follow the thread. In Twitter, I feel like Merlin, living my life backwards through time.

Here are some of my take-aways from tweets with the Twitter hashtag of #tltechforum for the TechForum Southwest event

  • "Empower the kids. It's their education. It's their world." -Chris Lehmann
  • Technology should be like oxygen - ubiquitous, necessary and invisible.
  • You can't transform a child's life without changing yourself.
  • Be willing to be transformed. We have so much left to learn.
  • Problematize everything. What is the worst consequence of your best idea?
  • The best tools are the ones that move us forward together.
  • You can control or support. I choose support!
  • Where in your schedule do you care about kids?
  • What you want for kids you must want for your teachers.
  • Open your doors. Transparency starts with us.
  • Where in your schedule provides time to care and talk to kids?
  • Ideas must live in practice. Build systems and structures that reflect your vision.
  • Be humbled by the task and be skeptical of those who aren't.
  • kids should be authentic voices in the world.
  • No one is coming to save us. We must organize.
  • When was the last time you took kids to a pencil lab?
  • Project based learning has the project itself as the pinnacle of evidence of learning.
  • School is not preparation for real life, it should be real life.
  • We teach children, not subjects."
  • Caring institutions teach kids, not subjects.
  • "Let' s stop delivering instruction. LET'S TEACH"
  • What we SAY we will do, we SHOULD do....What does your mission statement say?
  • What are we willing to unlearn and relearn?
  • Are educators willing to unlearn and relearn? Are educator's skills still relevant for today's students?
  • We learn best when it matters to us...Chris Lehmann
  • Have you learned powerfully lately?
  • "No one can hold me more accountable than I hold myself responsible."
  • Bring the community into your school to help in educating our kids.
  • 'Why do we have so many amazing, passionate, dedicated educators but yet still have so many problems?"
  • Teachers who say I don't know why they didn't get it, I taught it. It isn't my job.......Chris Lehman..Uh Yeah it is!
  • Have you heard "We need to create a workforce"? Tell them to go to hell. It's our job to create citizenry.
  • Parents send us the best of themselves every day. Chris Lehmann
  • Public education = democracy

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