Monday, November 8, 2010

Teacher Wish Lists via Borders Book Store

Press Release from Borders...too bad Barnes and Noble doesn't have this...or do they?

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 8, 2010 —Borders®, once again demonstrating its support for teachers, today announces that more than 80,000 enriching book and music titles are now available for purchase on the National Teacher Registry (NTR). The nation’s first and only free Wish List registry for educators, NTR enables teachers to create a Wish List of items they need and want for their classrooms. After a Wish List has been created, friends, family, parents and others can easily access the Wish List online, purchase items from the Wish List and have the items conveniently delivered to the teacher’s classroom. Borders has loaded the Registry with a huge selection of fiction and non-fiction titles, CDs as well as educational workbooks, curriculum development books and inspirational narratives.

The NTR, accessible at, is quickly gaining in popularity — teachers from across the U.S. have created more than 4,500 registries. In addition to books and music, the site also features a wide variety of products including teaching and art supplies, sports equipment and lab supplies from a number of other partners.

Borders has a long history of supporting educators and the important work they do in advancing communities. Under the recently re-launched Borders Rewards loyalty program, the retailer gives customers the ability to donate their Borders Bucks to a classroom. Teachers can register to receive the donations and Borders will match each donation through the month of December. (For more information on Rewards and to donate and receive Borders Bucks, visit

Borders also extends to teachers a generous everyday 25 percent in-store discount on items purchased for the classroom. In addition, Borders celebrates teachers with Education Appreciation events throughout the year that recognize teachers for their commitment to education with special in-store events, giveaways and more.

“We’re always looking for ways to support teachers, whether through a generous everyday in-store discount on items for the classroom, or by leveraging our powerful Rewards loyalty program to impact teachers in beneficial ways,” said Mike Edwards, CEO of Borders, Inc. “We’re excited to be part of NTR, a truly innovative service that will extend and enrich teachers’ and students’ experience in the classroom.”

Free National Teacher Registry -2

Parents and others can access a teacher’s Wish List by teacher or school name, securely purchase items from the list and have their selections delivered directly to the classroom. When a purchase is made, the teacher receives an e-mail detailing what was bought and who made the contribution. The registry also incorporates e-mail templates to help teachers spread the word about their Wish List.

About the National Teacher Registry

The National Teacher Registry is a free online service for schools, teachers, parents and other supporters designed to help communicate and source needed classroom supplies. Products are available from national suppliers and discounters with no mark up. The National Teacher Registry includes products designed to meet the needs of public and private schools, pre-school through college. For more information about National Teacher Registry, or to create an online classroom Wish List, please visit

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