Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pleasure Reading - 5 Zombie Tales

To remind myself that not everything I post in my blog is "on message," I have to share my growing list of must buy zombie tales. I'm not sure how I got hooked on zombie tales, although I confess to a certain fascination with them and scouring for old zombie movies. The Resident Evil series of movies is safely in my collection of DVDs and, like Star Trek Voyager, I watch it periodically...I don't know why.

Triumph over voiceless voraciousness?

Finding individuals to connect with in the midst of a mindless mass?

Whatever the reason, The Walking Dead no doubt among them, here's my list of recently discovered stories I must read:

  1. Z.A. Recht's MorningStar Saga, which includes two books (Plague of the Dead & Thunder and Ashes) published in the trilogy before this gifted 26 year old died unexpectedly. One supposes if you use your imagination, the zombies consume the third book before publication.
  2. Joe McKinney's Dead City. One neat point is that McKinney is listed as a detective on the San Antonio, Texas police the action in the book takes place in San Antonio, Texas. I looking forward to buying this book!
  3. Ben Tripp's Rise Again
  4. Max Brooks' World War Z: Oral History of the Zombie War should I tag this blog entry...zombies?

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