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A few excerpts from this article by Lee Hughes. How are these "realizations" affecting our view of professional development/learning in schools today? Is there an impact or change?
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    • Education in the Digital Age By Lee Hughes
      • "The top 10 jobs of 2015 don't exist today." Sue Galloway, Dean of Library Services and eLearning at Centralia College told the audience, quoting the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. 
        • The time consuming card catalogs and big green reference books are being replaced by electronic databases that can be accessed from anywhere. Half of the books in the library are e-books.
          • "Every job I've had is about transforming."  She eventually landed in a library and realized "this is what it's all about."
            • 40 percent of full time equivalent students are enrolled in some sort of eLearning class, an increase of 226 percent in the last 10 years, Galloway said.
              • There are currently four basic eLearning tools used at Centralia College: online classes; electronic correspondence; hybrid courses; and web-enhanced courses. These tools offer 24/7 educational services to accommodate a changing demographic. 
                • With new tools like
                  • "learning management system," students can access lectures and collaborate with other students.
                    • Galloway responded that studies have found that technology didn't affect attendance. Using technology "doesn't affect someone's desire to be successful," she said.
                      • According to the 2010 Horizon Report, "a qualitative research project" that identifies emerging educational technologies over the next five years, key technology trends for 2010 include: Mobile computing Open content E-books "Simple augmented reality" that enriches real life experience Gesture-based computing Visual data analysis
                        • Challenges to this future include the bandwidth capacity of off-site students. Galloway closed with some advice: "Get comfortable using these tools."


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