Mass Create #Moodle Courses

How could one mass create courses in Moodle?


It's easy enough to create blank courses and then using the Sharing Cart solution to copy the relevant items.

You could use MySQL INSERT statements to get the job done. For fun, I experimented doing this but using a GUI MySQL editor (Navicat Lite for MySQL...check screenshot below) and created a course simply by editing the "mdl_course" table in the Moodle database.

But adding records one at a time wouldn't be fun that way (although it wouldn't take long for 20 or so, 100 is a different matter). For that, I'd try some MySQL magic via PHPMyAdmin (view link to other tools) to insert records in.

Several possible routes:

1) Export the mdl_course table and edit it in Excel, getting rid of existing entries and adding only the new ones (e.g. 100 courses you want)

A) Exporting using PHPMyAdmin:

B) Opening and Editing in Excel
Some things to keep in mind...make sure Column A (which is the course ID#) is unique and begins after the last course ID ends. For example, in the attached spreadsheet, I have 129 as the first ID course of the 100 to make.

2) Export the Excel spreadsheet as a CSV file and import it into MDL_Course (make a backup of the original just in case)

3) The import will add the new 100 records to your existing course table, and those will appear in your Moodle.

You can now go in and edit those courses. Is there an easier way?

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Chris said…
On Moodle 2, this doesn't quite work as the course will generate an error on first entry. Also the News Forum won't appear automatically. If anyone knows a fallback let me know.
Moodle 2 is a diff animal...where's my shotgun? ;->

Seriously, it will be fun exploring the pecularities of M2.0!

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