Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lagging Behind - Again?

Are those other smaller, more nimble districts leaving you in the dust again? You know, the ones that have adopted GoogleApps for Education (or MS LIVE or Zoho suite), embraced blogs, Moodle, wikis and other great technologies while you're still trying to get approval to have student work posted on the intranet web site?

Well, get ready to be left behind again.

Menasha Wisconsin Schools to make digital leap
MENASHA - School Supt. Robert Kobylski turned storyteller and visionary
Monday night.
Kobylski, who joined the Menasha Joint School District in July, told an
audience of about 100 at Clovis Grove Elementary School that the future of
education in Menasha schools is about to change dramatically.
"We've ordered our last textbook series here in the district," Kobylski
said. "We're done with paper textbooks and those heavy backpacks. We're
going digital. We're going to move forward with a one-to-one technology
initiative that will put a digital device in the hands of every single one
of our students."
Read more : http://goo.gl/PJj4q

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