iPad Purchase Proposal Solicitation

I had fun throwing this together...no mean remarks!

iPad Purchase Proposal

In this section, please provide an overview of the need for the iPad as aligned to instructional learning environment.

What Will Success Look Like:
Please describe what iPad use will “look” like if successful. Be sure to address student performance outcomes.

Background Information:
Share any background information relevant, including research on the use of these devices for the purposes you have identified.

Content Area Focus:
What is the content area focus for this initiative.

Professional Learning:
Please share what professional learning opportunities will be provided to staff to use the iPads. How will the use of the iPad achieve a Level of Teaching Innovation (LOTI) 4 or 5, and how will the professional development address Guskey’s Level 4 and5 of the Five Critical Levels of Professional Development Evaluation?

Those levels include the following:
Level 4- Participants’ use of new knowledge and skills:
Questions Addressed include: Did participants effectively apply the new knowledge and skills?  Instruments used to collect data may include questionnaires, structured interviews, participant reflections, portfolios, video-or audiotape if appropriate.

Level 5- Student learning outcomes:
Questions Addressed include: a) What was the impact on students?; b) Did it affect student performance or achievement?
Instruments used to collect data may include questionnaires, portfolios, and student records.

Elaborate on the timeline for this purchase, and include what the plan for usage of the iPads will be. This timeline should include action steps, persons responsible and completion date.

Please elaborate on the unit and extended costs of the iPads to be purchased, as well as the funding source for purchase. Be sure to reflect in your budget 10% cost for replacement of iPads in case of them being lost/stolen. This should also reflect the cost of any protective measures (e.g. rubber “sleeves” or cases) that you will need to purchase per device.

How will evaluation of the use of iPads be accomplished?

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Joel VerDuin said…
Miguel - if you are interested, I have a guidance document used for questions like the ones you've posted about iPads (it is more generic, but might be helpful).

The philosophy guiding it's development is: "What's the plan?" - and then it goes on to describe the adequate components of a plan.


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