How To Embed a PicasaWeb Tag Slideshow

While sprucing up my ePortfolio site earlier tonight (which is housed in Google Sites now), I wondered how I might pull pictures in PicasaWeb--tagged with "eportfolio"--into a slideshow I could display on the site.

As you might notice when doing a tag search in Picasaweb, there's no way to embed the search least, not the way you handle a normal Album of images, which comes with the embed code for the slideshow.

To get past that, I noticed that I could use the RSS feed that appears in the bottom right-hand corner (as you can see in the image below) and then pull that into a gadget on a Google Sites page:

The gadget I used on GoogleSites to pull the RSS image feed from Picasa tag search appears below, the Media RSS Feed Slideshow:

Once you've done that, you can just paste in the code for the RSS feed in the top two boxes and.... works!

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